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, yeah, i did a few films. one called-- the third secret with steven boyd and richard at enboro it was a very frightening i had to play with richard. he was doing something to me, you never quite knew what it was. all i had to say was oh no, please don't, please don't, ease don' it was cut. >> rose: oh no. you didn't say please don't well enough. they thought you were saying please, please. >> yes, didn't convey the truths. >> rose: oh no. so why do you think bond sent, since you have had this exposure to you is magical for all of us. i mean i can't way to see this but i like this kind of thrill. >> well, i think-- he's an interesting character. >> he's very essentially and he's essentially british. he's a british, with that, which he has that word that is untranslatable in any other language, flem that stiff upper lip thing and he goes rather effortlessly, he used to, through a lot of very dangerous things doing stunts and never getting a spec on his suit, you know. drinking these drinks, having all these women, yes. and it was very elegant and suave. and gradually through the
clearly in libya. there were the extremists who killed chris stevens, an appalling murder of somebody who had actually done his best for the libyan people. but then you then have thousands on the street protesting against his killers and demanding action be taken. so i think the more i look at the world today, i think in a way a more relevant struggle to a lot of countries than what i would call traditional left versus right politics is the open minded versus the closed minded. and the open minded see globalizations as an opportunity. they want an open society, an open economy, a society where you tolerate and respect people, a different faiths and cultures and then the closed minded who really have a view that if you don't accept my view then are you an alien or an enemy. i think that is the battle that is going on and in the end, i think it's important always, and i always say this to people in america to realize-- realize that for all the pictures of extremist that you see in people burning the american flag and protesting and so on, you also then have a lot of people who wanted same t
. >> rose: question of libya and the tragic death of ambassador stevens there. is that going to be an issue here? >> the short answer is yes. governor romney returned to it in his speech today. it adds to the sense in the general just of disquiet. if so many good things are supposedly happening in the middle east, why did this happen. so when bad things happen on your watch you're always blamed, fair or not. in this case the administration was slow to respond. the initial response talked about the video, seemed to almost want to go out of its way to deny the reality of terrorism. so, yeah, i think they've left themselves a little bit vulnerable but i wouldn't exaggerate it. these investigations are going to take a while to play out. but it is just a sense that, you know, it's one of the many reasons why the furnace brook parkway arab spring ought to be banned. >> rose: david? >> yeah, i think that's right and i think that the administration recognizes now that they reacted far too slowly. but i thought what was one of the strongest parts of the romne spee today s trying to put the killing o
, this is such a very serious conversation to have, in an san francisco they have taken great pride and chris stevens, went to the service with his family and others, the secretary of state has rightfully called for this accountability review under the leadership of secretary pickeringable, .. ambassador pickering, he held both titles, the fbi is having it own investigatn into i and that is that we have to find out. i do think it is shameful that the republicans in the house of representatives have been willing to reveal forces and methods which is -- people go to jail for that, and endangering the lives. >> rose: how would you character try what they did? >> what they did was they dumped -- without any -- >> rose: characterize what they did you would say what about? was it -- >> what they did was, we have an expression in intelligence, loose lips sink ships, and you cannot talk about soues, whenever you are trying to -- they were having a political agenda, they know that the secretary called for an accountability review, they know the fbi was investigating. >> rose: so what they did endangered the
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)